About company

zaz„JI Service” Sp. z o.o. was found in 2008. At first our firm was cooperating with „MAZ Auto Poland” Sp. z o.o. on selling “MAZ” buses. Together we brought “MAZ” brand in the polish market.

Since 2011 former vice president of “MAZ Auto Poland” Sp. z o.o. Jurij Michajłowskij has become the Vice President of our firm.

Nowadays our company is a dealer of „Zaporożski avtomobilestroitelnyj zawod „ZAZ”, Ukraine; „CZERKASSKIJ AWTOBUS”, Ukraine and “NEMAN” bus manufactory, Belarus. Moreover, we sell „Bielshina” (Belarus) tyres and provide new and used buses from various brands like „MAZ”, „ZAZ”, VDL, MAN, MERCEDES  and others. At the same time our firm provides our clients with replacement parts for brands that were mentioned before, especially for “MAZ” and “ZAZ” buses. We are also taking care of service and guarantee formalities. Furthermore our company cooperates with OAO „MAZ” representation in Poland.

We implement individual orders for different types of vehicles delivery from eastern border. It may be passenger transport, trucks or buses.

First of all, we care about our client’s satisfaction. We can adjust to different options and requirements and we are able to organise financing in reasonable price.

Our company delivers vehicles to various polish transportation companies. We treat everyone with respect and seriousness.

We are looking forward to doing business with you!

Irina Michailovskaya